Santa Barbara Committed

Parents, teens, community members, and local businesses are encouraged to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle!
Be committed to your community, be committed to our youth, be committed to yourself!

The goals of the Santa Barbara Committed campaign are to change social norms about underage drinking and drug use by demonstrating that youth can have fun without using alcohol or drugs, increase the number of youth that commit to living an alcohol- and drug-free lifestyle, and demonstrate community support for youth who choose not to drink and do drugs. Youth will also be encouraged to be a friend and not a bully, and learn about the dangers of unsafe driving.

Student leaders from Club Live and Friday Night Live are planning and implementing the campaign in all of the secondary schools in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Santa Maria. Beginning April 20th they plan to distribute over 7,000 “Committed” bracelets to youth who take the pledge and lead interactive classroom conversations about the risks associated with underage drinking and substance use and the benefits of committing to a healthy lifestyle.

At the same time teens sign pledges committing to be drug and alcohol free, parents are also encouraged to participate in the “Committed” Campaign by signing a parent-pledge. Businesses can participate by becoming sponsors or offering free activities to youth who take the pledge.

CommittedBraceletsYouth Committed: Take the Pledge!

The Committed Campaign promotes a positive, healthy lifestyle for Santa Barbara County teens—one free of drugs and alcohol, distracted driving, and bullying behaviors.  During the week of April 20th – 24th there will be fun and educational activities taking place on campus, and you will be invited to take a “Committed” pledge. Get your wristband when you pledge and use it for access to free events! Join our Social Media contest where you can win great prizes daily!

The Youth Committed Pledge: “I pledge to join the COMMITTED campaign by making healthy choices and choosing to be alcohol and drug-free.”

Check Out Our Free Activities!

Want to know what’s happening this weekend? Check back each week for a list of free activities around your community that you can download here.


Swag Swap Locations

Swag Swap!

Every day teens are bombarded with messages that reference alcohol and drug use. We want to replace these messages with ideas that inspire positive choices. Our project is youth led and youth driven for the benefit of all teens. We will trade clothing merchandise that references drugs and alcohol for our own merchandise. We will swap it out – no questions asked! Receive new merchandise in exchange for t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks, etc. The clothes we collect will be recycled or used for an art project. Donating them to local thrift stores would only put them back in the hands of youth or other community members.

Our Committed Art Contest Winners!

Below are the featured winners from our annual Committed Art Contest, these outstanding individuals were selected out of an impressive 200 entries submitted from Junior High Schools and High Schools throughout the county! They were showcased at our Town Hall Meeting at the Cabrillo Arts Pavilion on April 7th, we had winners from La Cuesta Continuation High School, Dos Pueblos High School, Santa Barbara High School and more!


Social Media Contest Continues!

The below photos are from some of our winners who entered our 2015 Committed Contest simply by using the hashtag #cc16  and posting their entries on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Some of the prizes won were a sports package, Chaucer’s Bookstore Gift Card, SB Museum Annual Pass, and restaurant gift cards! Below are some of our winners from Dos Pueblos High School and Goleta Valley Junior High School

Committed flyerCommitted Instagram Contest CC16

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Santa Barbara Photovoice

The Friday Night Live Leadership Coalition recently released their photovoice research. What is photovoice you might be asking yourself? Well photovoice is defined as a ground-breaking approach to participatory action research. The beauty of photovoice is its diversity; every photovoiceproject is different, and each project has a different focus. Withphotovoice, different stories are told, different photographs are captured and different outcomes are sought. Click on the images below to read the thoughtful passages below each photograph.

Photovoice-page-006   Photovoice-page-003Photovoice-page-002  Photovoice-page-001

Parents Committed

MotherDaughterConversationAs a parent, you can get involved in Santa Barbara Committed by taking the Parent Committed Pledge, signing up for our newsletter, or taking advantage of the resources offered on this website. Please check back for articles, resources, and updates.

Trend Update:
Teens and Party Buses

Santa Barbara police caught 62 teenagers (primarily in junior high) ranging in age from 12-16 on a party bus on the Santa Barbara High School campus this past November. On the bus they found bottles of hard alcohol, marijuana, marijuana pipes, cigarettes and condoms. There has been an ongoing investigation the past few months.

When this party bus was rented, there were no parents dropping their children off or asking questions. Although it may seem safer that the bus is rented and there are not underage students driving, a lot more is taking place on these buses and parents need to ask questions regardless of the ages of their children.

For the complete story, read the detailed article on Noozhawk.

The Parent Committed Pledge: “I will ensure that all social events in my home for teens are chaperoned by a parent and that I will not serve alcohol or allow alcohol or other drugs to be used by teens at my home.”

Take the Pledge

The Parent Smart! Newsletter

CADA has launched a newsletter for parents who have taken the Parent’s Committed Pledge and for anyone interested in the Santa Barbara Committed Campaign. Taking the pledge or signing up for our parent newsletter allows you to receive regular parent updates, which highlight local alcohol and drug trends affecting our children as well as simple ways that you can address these issues in your home. We are pleased to present Parent Smart!, a collaborative effort to provide parents with up-to-date information and concrete tools. We encourage you contact us with topics that you would like to see addressed in upcoming issues.

Check out CADA’s Parent Resource page.

Did you know that the substance most used by teens in Santa Barbara County is alcohol?
Talking about alcohol isn’t easy. Let us help you get the conversation started and leave with tools to keep it going.

Thursday, April 7  •  5:30 PM
Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center
1118 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara
Light snacks and refreshments will be served. Childcare provided.

Seating is limited. Please RSVP to Luis Gomez at 805.722.1320 or


Are You Committed?

As a business or community organization, you can help support youth in our community to live a healthy lifestyle by contributing to the Committed Campaign. Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a financial contribution.
  • Donate a product or service as a prize for our social media contest.
  • Provide free admission to activities for teens who take the pledge and wear their wristband.

To participate, please contact Luis Gomez at 805.722.1320 or